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All our exterior aluminum products have finishes that are resistant to pitting, keeping your oceanfront property beautiful for years to come!

Pitting is an aesthetic defect that happens when untreated aluminum exposure to sea salt spray. For aluminum, pitting is the most common type of corrosion. Pitting is primarily an aesthetic problem that, practically speaking, never affects strength. Pitting is more severe on untreated aluminum. Surface treatment (anodising, painting, or other coating methods) counteracts pitting. Pitting will only occur in the presence of an electrolyte (either water or moisture) containing dissolved salts–usually chlorides. The corrosion generally shows itself as extremely small pits that, in the open air, reach a maximum penetration of a minor fraction of the metal’s thickness.

All our exterior aluminum products have finishes that are resistant to the effects of sea salt spray, keeping your oceanfront property beautiful for years to come!


Simply contact us with your company name, address(s), best point of contact, and necessary contact information.

Pleasecontact us directly. We are more than happy to respond to any questions you may have about our products and services.

Yes, we do for all our products. We can also facilitate for your team an AIA course presentation: 4mm ACM Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen Concepts and Design – Find a local representative.

Yes. We have over 300 patents worldwide.

Yes. We offer free samples that are shipped directly to your door. Please contact us to receive yours.



No, paint will not properly adhere to anodized aluminum. Check out our ColorMatch® Paint Program to learn more about achieving the perfect look on your next project.


Unfortunately, no. However, you can purchase our products through one of our local dealers – Find a Dealer near you!

EasyTrim® Reveals trim profiles were originally designed to be an exterior product used with fiber cement; however, we have since evolved our product to be used successfully with many other siding types—such as cedar and other natural wood products, metal panels, and more. Essentially, any siding product that fits within our profile depths may be used within the EasyTrim® Reveals system.

Please contact us directly for pricing inquiries. We also offer no-charge project estimates.

You can purchase FastPlank® SystemsQuickPanel® Systems, and EasyTrim® Reveals products through any local dealer or building materials supplier – Find a Dealer near you!

Unfortunately, no. We have a long-standing partnership with our shipper that has allowed us to gain one of the best rates available. We are also set up to easily track shipments and sort out any claims on damages that may have occurred during transport. Contact your local representative to discuss shipping options and availability.

Learn more about our exterior plank system, FastPlank Systems. FASTPLANK® Systems Inc. is a modern and innovative, 4” or 6” V-NOTCH™ aluminum plank siding that combines the best in building technology, with the latest in modern architectural design.

Learn more about our exterior plank system, QuickPanel Systems. Our aluminum cladding system addresses every element of exterior building design and cladding system delivery – to provide a superior integrated 4mm ACM Rainscreen System. System-wide drainage, circulation, and ventilation are integral to the QuickPanel® System’s innovative design, to ensure the integrity and longevity of your building.

Learn more about our exterior Trim System, EasyTrim Reveals®. Compatible with every major fiber cement manufacturer’s 5/16″ panels and lapped plank, wood and vinyl siding. The trim system by EasyTrim Reveals® replaces the outdated board and batten installation method providing an exterior finish that is not only beautifully modern and painlessly easy to install, but also built incredibly durable and features many patented water-management features.



We offer over-the-phone support for every project. In certain instances, we can offer on-site installation training and support depending on the project’s location and overall scope. We recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with our Installation Guides as much as possible. To request over-the-phone or on-site support, please contact us.

No, we do not currently have preferred or certified installers; installations are designed to be simple and easy for any contractor to use. If you need assistance finding local contractors to bid on your project, feel free tocontact us and we will connect you with your local area representative.

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