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Find new efficiencies in your process with V-Notch™ siding and the Clip & Slide™ system!

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Install at speed with the innovative design features of FastPlank®

  • Efficient technology. V-Notch™ plank siding clips into place to make movement and replacement easy.
  • Ease of use. Transitioning from plans to installation has never been easier with Clip & Slide™ technology.
  • 1-on-1 support. Get in touch with your local representative to discover how FastPlank® works for you.


At every step of the process, FastPlank® provides a streamlined solution.

  • V-Notch™ aluminum plank siding is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Clip & Slide™ clip system makes installation a breeze with a quick lock-in procedure.
  • Clips are able to slide to protect from expansion and contraction.
  • Clips snap onto planks, locking them into place.
  • Clips can slide to wherever the most convenient stud or girt is located.

Woodgrain aluminum siding system

Wood accents perfectly complement all styles of homes from the traditional cottage feel to modern and contemporary designs. Enjoy the look and feel of “natural wood” without the issues and constant maintenance.

Fast is better
  • Trendy & timeless. Woodgrain accents bring beauty and warmth for “wow” curb appeal!
  • Responsibility-free. We take no maintenance up a level!  
  • Fast & easy to install. Avoid human or product error with flawless install!
  • Innovative technology. No warping, bubbling, or deterioration!
  • Long-lasting durability. Weather-proof and built-in rainscreen!
  • Quality end-result. Hides and straightens imperfect framing!
  • Locally stocked. There’s a distributor near you and a local rep to support your project!
  • 50-year product warranty. We stand behind our leading-edge siding system!

Did someone say neighbor-envy?

Choose FastPlank® aluminum siding system for new builds and renovations. Easily cover up old, unwanted stucco or other outdated exteriors!

Single-Family Dark Walnut
Single-Family Knotty Pine
Single-Family Dark Fir
Single-Family Light Cherry
Single-Family Dark Cherry
Single-Family Dark Walnut
Preview your style

Available in five refined woodgrain patterns or any custom color through our ColorMatch™ program.

Single-Family Dark Walnut

Single-Family Dark Walnut
Single-Family Knotty Pine
Single-Family Dark Fir
Single-Family Light Cherry
Single-Family Dark Cherry

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Looking for further information on our FastPlank® systems? Download product specifications and other helpful resources or get in touch with a local representative to start planning your FastPlank® project!

Marketing Materials
Product Specifications
Installation Guides

Review the Basic Installation guide provided prior to starting your FastPlank® on-site installation.

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