Color Options

EasyTrim Reveals trim system can be color matched to any shade, hue or color to match the branding of your building

Fire Resistant

With our ______ certification, we provide ease-of-mind with regards to the health and safety of all our customers.


and significantly speed up the installation process by providing open “tab-free” areas to quickly place fiber cement on the wall. The top cap is easily snapped into place to complete the assembly. Our EZ.Lock® Trim Technology can be found on our mainbody verticals, corners, window, and soffit trims.

FastPlank EZ.Slope

The patented EZ.Slope is an 8 degree slope on horizontal trim ledges that keeps your building free of dirt streaks and water collection.


Our patented and multi-purpose EZ.Bump® not only provides revolutionary water-management to protect your building and fiber cement, it provides clean fit-&-finish allowing our horizontal trims to neatly and smoothly slot into our vertical trims producing terminations without any dangerous sharp edges.